Hole-in-One Insurance

To get a quick, no obligation quote, please call KW Insurance Brokers at (519) 744-4190 or enter your information into the form below:


    Golf Course:



    Hole # to be insured:

    Number of Rounds to be Insured:

    Total number of non-professional participants:

    Required amount of coverage:

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    How does it work?

    Quotes are based on:
    • the number of amateur players
    • whether there are any professional golfers participating
    • how many rounds of golf they’ll play in the tournament
    • how much coverage you’ll need (or how much your prize is worth)
    • Low Premiums – starting as low as $125
    • Coverage limit: from $5,000 to $50,000
    • Raincheck if your tournament is cancelled or postponed
    • Optional signage for $25
    • 20% prize restoration now included in all Hole-in-One policies
    • Tournament must have a minimum of 60 participants. If less than 60, please contact KW Brokers directly for a quote.
    • Minimum yardage per insured hole (155 for amateur players / 175 for professional golfers)